Sunday, November 7, 2010

Colts: WR Austin Collie Taken out in Stretcher. Is this hit illegal? {VIDEO}

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An NFL game often takes on a serious tone when a violent injury takes place.
Such was the case with Colts WR Austin Collie in Sunday’s game against the Eagles, when he was carted off the field after taking two big hits following what was ruled an incomplete pass during the second quarter.
Collie appeared to haul in a pass from Peyton Manning over the middle of the field, and as he braced for a collision, was first hit on one side by the shoulder of Quintin Mikell, and then took a helmet-to-helmet hit from FSKurt Coleman an instant later. The back of Collie’s helmet hit the field hard, and the severity of his injury was immediately clear. Collie immediately dropped the ball and appeared to have been knocked unconscious.
Team medical personnel removed Collie’s face mask and strapped him to a backboard before he was taken off the field on a stretcher. Manning came over to offer some words, and TV camera angles clearly showed Collie blinking his eyes. Because of the precautionary measures involved, it’s difficult to speculate on his exact injury or its severity.
And it was difficult to watch.
The play was ruled an incomplete pass, and a unnecessary roughness penalty was called on Mikell as Collie was deemed a “defenseless” receiver. The Colts did not make any immediate announcements.

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At The start of the 3rd Quarter it was updated That Austin Collie Received a Concussion ONLY. That he was mobile and Alert.

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